hou▓se when we were called for, it would have bee▓n impossible to refuse to send for us; b●ut the fact that we were at the “●schoolhouse,” which could not be seen from● the front door or piazza, resul●ted in our never being summoned. ● Miss Ayme was much before h●er day in many things, especially in h?/p> nded by th



坋r insistence on physical exercises, so ●in 1850 she introduced what is now essential● in all schools, calisthenics.We ex●ercised with poles and dumb-bells●, and my sister, who stooped a lit●tle, was made to lie on her back a certain len▓gth of time every day on a wide plank, which▓ was inclined at an angle


, while Miss Ayme read ▓aloud to her: the result was seen all her ▓life in a beautiful figure, and● erect, graceful bearing.I wal▓ked up and down for an allotted time each ▓day, with a backboard, but as I had gone to▓ boar


ding-school when the time came ▓that I should have had the slanting-●board treatment, I never have acquired the ●beautiful carriage of my sister.Miss Ayme a●lso believed in telling{125} children ●many of the truths of natur


e, whi●ch at that time was considered very indi▓screet if not immoral.She was a very go●od teacher and, besides being a good Christian▓, was a lady.She

e footman



had queer little ways▓ and was a never-ending amusement to● our neighbors, who had not the appreciation● of the higher st

andards and● the vision of my father and mother.▓ Her odd dress and very English sp●eech struck them as her princip

al charact●eristics.Miss Ayme had been a governess in▓ a family of the nobility in England●.I have, I am sorry to say, fo

on a small


rgotten the ●name, of which we used to get very tired, f●or she told many stories

er silver ●

about the children, ●who seemed preternaturally good and wer▓e fed, to our minds,

waiter, and

very poor▓ly, principally on porridge, ▓which sounded miserable to us●.They were

a great deal

eager always for the top of Miss Aym▓e’s boiled egg, which at th▓at time in Engla

of ▓talk.I

nd was skilfully ●cut off with a knife, and she ga●ve it to each one in turn, whic

f we had bee
n in the


h the●y conside

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